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Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

We offer laser hair removal treatment at the best med spa Silver Lake, which drastically reduces hair growth. Although it is a mild treatment, you will still be curious as to how to care for your freshly hair-free skin. You were likely advised by our professionals at the laser hair removal spa on how to take care of yourself before and after, but let’s face it! It can be easy to forget.

Let’s talk about to-do’s and not-to-dos!
Limit your fun in the sun. After undergoing a laser treatment, it is important to protect your skin from UV rays, as it will be extra-sensitive at this time! It is recommended to wait a total of 7 days before enjoying the sunshine.
Beware of hot water! Your skin is likely going to be sensitive to the touch. The last thing you will need is to scold yourself accidentally. Try to avoid full-heat showers, even if it’s tough!

Sweat is not your friend right now. Try to avoid high-intensity workouts or any other activities that increase your sweat production. Don’t worry, you only must wait 24 hours for this one!
See a stray hair? Leave it alone! While it may be tempting to remove any little hairs that are visible, it is not advised. Just wait for your next treatment!

Feeling a little… singed? If you are feeling skin soreness or discomfort, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers to help. You can also apply aloe vera, much like you would for a sunburn. It will work wonders for soothing the area.
Don’t opt for any extra treatments right now. Even if it is tempting, applying any additional treatments to your skin can cause more harm than good.

Avoid direct contact with perfumes or makeup. You want to look good, right? Of course! But to enjoy the results of your treatment optimally, it is best to wait 24 to 48 hours after. You can do it!
See any blisters? Please leave them alone. We don’t need you getting an infection of any kind or leaving scarring. If you notice skin breakage, contact your doctor.

Now that we have discussed all the post-care advice, we hope that you can take care of your skin confidently.

You have received the best laser hair removal Silver Lake! If you have any questions at all that we did not cover, feel free to contact our office. We would be happy to advise.

We want you to feel confident on the process for laser hair removal Silver Lake. We look forward to seeing you for your next treatment!

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