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Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles

Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles

Long Lasting Body Hair Removal Los Angeles

How to Stop Body Hair Growth with Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles

Laser Hair Removal at Sculpt Silver Lake is recognized as the premiere method of ridding yourself of unwanted hair. It is one of the safest and most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the United States today, having been available under the care of a licensed medical professional for over two decades. Unlike shaving, waxing and plucking, laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction in hair to the targeted treatment area. All laser hair removal involves the use of a beam of light, or laser, which is able to be directed at the subdermal skin layer to target the melanin in a hair follicle.

The light destroys the hair follicle and causes the body to shed the hair impacted. Melanin is the component of hair and skin that gives it its color. Historically, laser hair treatments were limited to individuals with light skin color and darker hair, with coarse hair being optimal. Skin color is graded on the Fitzpatrick Scale, with one being the lightest and six being the darkest. Until recently, laser hair removal was best utilized on skin colors 1-3. The paler skin colors absorb less of the laser light, allowing greater concentration to be focused on the hair follicle. This prevents damage to the skin and surrounding tissue, while maximizing hair follicle damage, preventing regrowth.

Cutting Edge Technology:

Newest technological advances in medical grade lasers, such as those offered at Sculpt Silver Lake, offer the best laser hair removal Los Angeles. Lasers traditionally utilized have been ruby, diode and alexandrite. These lasers offer a continuous beam of light to treat affected areas of unwanted hair. More advanced IPL Lasers (intense pulsed light) hair removal, only available at a premiere med spa, are pulsed light therapies that offer advanced medical-grade technology designed to preserve the integrity of the skin and tissue in the surrounding treatment area. This cutting edge technology has decreased side effects of traditional laser hair removal methods, especially for those individuals who fall outside of the "perfect candidate.” A med spa offering IPL devices is capable of offering hair removal, as well as photo rejuvenation, skin pigmentation correction and acne treatments.

Convenient Experience:

At Sculpt Silver Lake, we strive to make your experience stellar and convenient. Our goal is to cultivate clients for life. The FDA recognizes laser hair removal as the pinnacle of hair reduction therapies, when performed under the care of a trained provider. We offer nothing short of the best laser hair removal Los Angeles, with advanced staff training on the latest techniques and equipment, advanced licensed providers and supervision by our medical director. The cyclical nature of hair growth that necessitates repetition of laser hair removal every 4-6 weeks for 6-10 treatments. We want your experience to have you comfortable and positive for each and every session.

Customized Comfort & Best Results:

Our experience drives our reputation for laser hair removal Los Angeles. We attribute it to our individualized treatment plans, customized to achieve your goals. No two of us are identical physically, therefore your treatment should be tailored to you, individually. The advanced technology and selection of our lasers coupled with the abilities of our highly trained medical staff allow us to put your comfort and results first. Our choices in laser technology allow us to modify treatment based upon your skin and hair color, thickness and location of hair, but also your needs and wants. Choosing an advanced laser hair removal spa maximizes the benefits of laser hair removal while eliminating any discomfort or concerns.

If you are considering laser hair removal Los Angeles, set up your consultation with our medical team today. We recommend you stop plucking, waxing or electrolysis in the area of concern for 4-6 weeks prior to your appointment to allow adequate hair growth. Once treated, sun protection is more important than ever. A high quality sunscreen and avoidance of sun during peak exposure times is strongly recommended. Laser hair removal is contraindicated in individuals who utilize photosensitizing medications or have skin damage in the area of proposed treatment. These concerns are important and we always perform our laser hair removal under the care of our medical physician.

Estimates show the average woman spending a culmination of 72 days of life shaving and a lifetime expense of $10,000 spent on shaving products. If you are tired of shaving, waxing or tweezing, call us today at Sculpt Silver Lake. As Los Angeles Premiere Laser Hair Removal Spa, we offer free consultations to discuss your needs.

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