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Los Angeles Stretch Mark Removal Laser

Los Angeles Stretch Mark Removal Laser

Effective Los Angeles Stretch Mark Removal

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are a light scarring of the skin from various factors, such as pregnancy and rapid weight gain. It is caused by the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis, being stretched more than it can tolerate. The connective fibers are disrupted and it results in the scarring. Most stretch marks can be removed by professional means only. Fortunately, there are updated and less invasive means, such as the stretch mark removal laser. These services are often provided in a med spa. We have exactly what you need in laser stretch mark removal Los Angeles.

Who is a Candidate?

The most common patients who use stretch mark removal services are women who have recently given birth. Stretch marks have long been associated with pregnancy. During a pregnancy, the growth of the fetus expands the uterus and abdomen area like a double balloon. All of this stretching causes tears in the supporting layers of the skin. Most of the stretch marks are thin glossy white lines. As a result, many new mothers turn to stretch mark removal services in order to gain back their more youthful appearance.

The second most common patients are those who have gained a significant amount of weight or muscle mass in a short time. This is often an issue for those whose weight fluctuates easily. Heavy bodybuilding or taking steroids also has the same effect. Both of these also cause the skin to stretch the point where the supporting layers can’t do their jobs.

Other Methods of Removing Stretch Marks

If you seek treatment for your stretch marks early, you may have a chance at losing them without needing surgery. Following a healthy diet and exercise sometimes does it, as well as lotions and creams. You can get some of the latter two over the counter. However, if all of this fails or if your stretch marks are old, you may have to opt for something like a stretch mark removal laser.

Be very cautious of over the counter products that claim to be designed specifically

for removing or reducing stretch marks. There is currently very little research to support them. They usually work only on new stretch marks. Even so, they usually just help to reduce them faster. The better known brands, such as our Straie Stretch Mark Removal Cream from our stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles, are usually the safest.

How Stretch Mark Laser Removal Works

Laser removal works by the application of a beam of light from an excimer laser. Its light is a high-energy ultraviolet. It causes the bonded molecules to disrupt, which then disintegrates the tissue. This process is called ablation. Once it’s done, new layers quickly form.

When you come in for your consultation for a stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles, the first thing we do is look at the formation of your stretch marks. From there, we decide the best course of treatment for your case.

Potential Side Effects

Usually, a redness immediately follows the treatment. This is due to the new skin rapidly putting itself in place. Occasionally, blistering and burn scars have been known to show up but those are almost always temporary. You will most likely be completely healed within a few days. It’s rare but some cases have been known to need extensive therapy and can take as long as a few weeks.

Older and more severe marks may take up to 10 sessions before they are completely healed. In some cases, even a laser will only reduce their appearance. As a result, it is best not to wait to seek treatment for your stretch marks.

It is also important that you choose your dermatologist and med spa carefully. There is always a risk that a laser that is mishandled could cause superficial tissue damage. Here at our stretch mark removal Los Angeles, we guarantee the highest quality possible for your stretch mark removal services.

Other Advantages

Laser removal is generally safer and less invasive than other methods. Methods, such as tummy tucks, are generally more invasive, cost more, and come with much more recovery time. They also tend to carry more potential risks, such as permanent scarring.

Our laser stretch mark removal Los Angeles services are very safe and you won’t be disappointed if you choose us. We do our best to ensure that you will feel more self-confident walking out than you probably do walking in. We hire only very highly skilled professionals who know how to provide a relaxed environment.

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