Sculpt Silver Lake: Vaginal Rejuvenation in Los Angeles

Vaginal Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Vaginal Rejuvenation Los Angeles

Instant Results With Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Treatment

What is the Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Treatment?

While being pregnant and giving life is one of the most extraordinary experiences in the world, there can sometimes be lasting effects after the birth. Women can sometimes feel pain or as though their muscles are less tight as they once were and this can make them feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and they may develop certain problems.

These problems can worsen as you age and hormones start to cause atrophy in the cells of your vagina. Typically, this leaves you feeling dry, itchy and you may experience pain when you urinate or even when you engage in sexual intercourse.

Any woman who is tired of feeling this way and wants to reclaim their sex life, as well as general comfort, should consider seeking vaginal rejuvenation Los Angeles with the Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal treatment.

What Is The MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser?

When you first hear “laser and vagina,” you may immediately want to stray away, but the Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal treatment isn't like your other standard laser treatments. At our med spa Los Angeles, we use a non-invasive laser that is designed to limit vaginal atrophy and alleviate the symptoms. The procedure is FDA-cleared and thus has been proven safe to use. This CO2 laser uses energy to gently stimulate collagen and blood flow within the vagina. This, in turn, restores vaginal lubrication and elasticity. One clinical trial held at Stanford University found that 96% of women were either satisfied or highly satisfied with the results of the treatment.

At our med spa Los Angeles, we offer this vaginal rejuvenation Los Angeles treatment for anyone who is seeking exceptional results. Thousands of women have had the treatment performed across the world since 2008 and found relief in their symptoms.

The Process

If you're curious about vaginal tissue restructure Los Angeles and want to end the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of vaginal atrophy, then you should consider the Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Laser treatment.

It begins quite similarly to an annual exam that you might have with your doctor, except your doctor will carefully insert the vaginal laser probe within your vagina and deliver the energy pulses.

Typically, the treatment takes around five minutes--that's all! The actual treatment is virtually painless. The only discomfort that you may feel is with the initial insertion of the laser probe. However, after a few quick pulses, the probe is removed, and you can go about your day.

Usually, with vaginal tissue restructure Los Angeles performed by a MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser, you can expect results right away or shortly after. However, for some women, you may need a second treatment. For maximum results, doctors suggest that you undergo three treatments. This ensures that the body is producing new collagen effectively enough and can maintain renewed blood flow.

You may also be curious about how long the symptoms will remain reduced. Usually, a treatment with a MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser for vaginal restoration lasts for an entire year. In some cases, you may only need the treatment once. However, typically, women are expected to undergo the treatment once a year, usually during their annual exam. Since the body is still aging, the body still wants to kill vaginal cells and bring those unpleasant symptoms back to the forefront. As such, you will likely need to continue receiving treatment with the MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser once a year. But the fact that it's only once a year and the treatment lasts through that year, is quite exceptional.

Because the treatment is quite painless, there is virtually no recovery time. Anesthesia is available for those women who are especially sensitive. Women are able to leave the office right afterward and return home or to work. At most, doctors usually suggest that women refrain from having sex or engaging in any sexual activity for the next two to three days. Your doctor will also offer you additional instructions depending on the individual.

Who Can Benefit?

Perhaps one of the best things about the MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser treatment is that anyone can benefit from it. Particularly women who are fed up, feeling as though their vaginal muscles are loose or those who are tired of feeling dry and experiencing pain can benefit. This treatment is also an incredible alternative for those women who are uncomfortable with the idea of hormone therapy or undergoing surgery. If you want to go back to having a comfortable sex life and find relief for your symptoms, then consider the MonaLisa restoration treatment.

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